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Open Calls

Call for doctoral thesis supervisors

Who we are

The DoctorateHub provides complementary support to professional doctoral practitioners that are working towards a Doctorate Degree.

We support students from proposal development through until post-graduation.

Our students are practitioner scholars who value our range of training and support opportunities and the possibility to connect. They have to fit in their research and thesis development with both their professional and personal commitments. Consequently, we offer a variety of training and support opportunities to assure that we get our students covered, once in need.

Supervisor profile expectations

We are looking for doctoral supervisor with the following profile:

  • A vested academic with extensive experience in doctoral thesis research supervision.
  • Experienced in supervising doctoral research projects from the social sciences and business background.
  • Experienced in working with practitioner / C-level doctoral students.
  • Work for a host institution that:
    • Is in the position to formally enrol the student in a degree awarding doctoral program.
    • Provides doctoral programs in English, this is a requirement for the host institutions of the DoctorateHub.
    • Has a proven track record working with doctoral graduates.
  • Personal and institutional experience in delivering doctoral programs online is an advantage, but not a requirement.

Supervision Opportunities

Below you will find supervision opportunities from DoctorateHub scholars that are currently looking for a thesis supervisor and host institution.

DoctorateHub scholars are typically self-funded working professionals who will have a track record of performance within the DoctorateHub community.

We take great care so to make sure that our scholars are prepared for enrolment and have the highest possibility to succeed in their doctoral studies.


Current supervision opportunities

Now enrolled for doctoral studies.

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