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Advanced courses

Research is not linear. We can walk you through the process.
Be it with a dedicated coach or in a self-study format.

How do our Advanced Courses work

Depending on where you are in your journey, we can cover you. Our Advanced Courses are designed to take you through your doctoral thesis research and beyond. Our courses are aimed to gradually advance both your personal mastery as a doctoral practitioner and your thesis. Courses support those that are currently preparing their doctoral thesis research proposal, those who are in the midst of their doctoral research and thesis compilation, those who prepare for the Viva or that got major revisions in their Viva, or those who have graduated and now like to continue developing their research and academic skills at the doctorate level.

While each of our courses allows you to get tangible input into a specific chapter or section of your thesis, there is one thing that they have in common: The opportunity to overcome the silence and isolation that is inherent during the doctoral research journey and beyond.


Available Advanced Courses

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We have three support formats available

Our Advanced Courses come in three formats: free self-study peer-supported, fully supported by your dedicated coach, or with flexible on-demand feedback whenever you need it. Choose your study mode as you enrol in a course.
Once enrolled, if you find your circumstances change such as needing to move to a dedicated coach, just contact us to arrange the transition.


Self-study with peer support. We provide the structure, you focus on your thesis research.

Ideal for those who prefer to advance on their own schedule or who are on a budget.

  • - Community peer supported.
  • - Tested Curriculum
  • - Dedicated Course spaces to connect around common interests, objectives or challenges.
  • - No time pressure.

Duration: “As long as it takes you“

Learning at your own pace, in your own time.

No tuition fee

Dedicated coach

Fully supported by a DoctorateHub coach dedicated to the course topic.

Ideal for those who prefer tight guidance to progress through their research and thesis development.

  • - Dedicated coach(es).
  • - Formative written discussions, video-orientation calls and summative feedback on your work.
  • - Work over clearly defined chunks to control progress.

Start “Whenever you want“

Courses are 8 or 12 weeks long.

Detailed information is available in the course detail view.

From 1.950€
per course

On-demand Support

Get On-demand support to provide you with clarity and guidance.

Ideal for those who have unpredictable agendas, or that just need some orientation.

  • - Directly contributing to your thesis.
  • - Get written feedback and video-orientation calls.
  • - Use your Brain Coins as you need them for each service.

Duration: “As long as it takes you“

Learn at your own pace and request on-demand feedback on an assignment basis, either written or via video-orientation calls.

125€ or less
per Brain Coin

Schedule video-orientation call

Good for: One video-orientation call to discuss a task or assignment and to understand how to take your research further.

1 BC

Get written orientation feedback

Good for: One-time written feedback on a course task assignment of around 2.500 words in length.

1 BC

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Get one Research Mentoring month

Good for: One Research Mentoring month with written feedback and video-orientation calls.

12 BC


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