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Your co-working and co-learning space with immediate reach to your mentor.

Get a DoctorateHub mentor dedicated to your research and thesis development.

Ideal for those who prefer to block out some time on their calendar to work with an expert on their thesis.

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How do our in-residences work?

The In-Residence can last from one day to several days and can be extended as needed. This is your progress, your way.

Each In-Residence day is typically 8 hours long, plus meal time. Your mentor will be available to you as much as you need during the In-Residence day.

Based on previous experiences, you will spend roughly half of the day working collaboratively with your mentor and use the remaining time for implementing the feedback received.

Start: “Whenever you want“

Full time dedicated mentor

Minimum of one day

Custom crafted instructions and training materials

Online and in-person options available

Get a virtual or local desk next to your mentor

Online fees

You are connected with your tutor during the entire In-residence day via videoconferencing, instant chat, and email.


Presential fees

Your local co-working and co-learning space within immediate reach to your mentor.


Presential fees for mentees

If you like to book a presencial in-residency with our mentor, then this rate applies to you.

Discounted fee 500€/day*

Savings 33%

* Individual daily rates include a co-working space and direct access to a mentor during core work hours (typically from 9:00 to 17:00).

For in-person residences, participants are responsible for their own travel, accomodation, and meals.

Our featured In-residences


Monthly Mentoring

One-on-one sessions | Written feedback

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1 day + | Dedicated mentor

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See what our scholars say about us.


Charles O.

Thesis stage: Research execution: Data collection and analysis

Great and excellent In-Residence at DoctorateHub, Porto, Portugal! Very well organised and particularly useful learning and information delivered in a brilliant style. I would highly endorse and recommend the Porto Workshop to research students that are interested in improving their research thesis and in growing their research “scissor”. Overall, the learning environment was conducive and Porto, a beautiful city.

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