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Get a DoctorateHub mentor dedicated to your research and thesis development.

One-on-one research mentoring is best for those who work on their research at a steady pace and value frequent double-loop feedback.

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What our mentors offer?

Our mentors will allow you to discover and comprehend the various paths of the research journey, as well as to situate yourself and your work within the doctoral journey.

This is important and distinct from supervision in that it allows you to understand what is happening now and what will happen next.

It will allow you to become aware of and overcome obstacles, lowering your chances of procrastination and dropping out.

Doctoral journey

We offer research mentoring to guide and support you along the path of each of the research phases.

One-on-one mentoring will allow you to identify and achieve critical milestones for your research project.

Breaking down your research into clearly defined chunks allows you to control progress, work toward clear goals, and measure your achievements.

Start: “Whenever you want“

Regular e-mail interactions

Timely feedback on drafts

Custom crafted instructions and training materials

Video calls as required

Access to a pool of mentors

Our initial video-orientation call is free and is designed to get to know you and your research better so that we can begin working on your tailored development plan.

This will allow us to find you the best initial mentor.

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1 month

Good for:

Achieving your next milestone.


3 months

Good for:

Regular support.

Discounted fee 2950€

Savings 22%

6 months

Good for:

Long term planning.

Discounted fee 5750€

Savings 25%

A doctoral researcher is expected to find their own voice, make their own decisions, be willing to take risks, push the boundaries, and eventually outgrow their supervisors.

While you will have to learn these lessons on your own, your mentor will be there to help you understand what is normal and expected, as well as to keep you on track.

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See what our scholars say about us.


Aloma J.

Thesis stage: Post Doctoral & Publishing

It is a pleasure compiling this recommendation for the Doctorate Hub. Its Professors are vigilant and strategic thinkers with an eye for detail and a devotion to their careers. They have the capability and expert knowledge to teach a variety of subjects across a faculty, and their curiosity of expanding the horizon never diminishes. The Hub has an incredible ability to draw on their own experiences and observations to develop thoughtful opinions on a variety of encounters.


Bongi M.

Thesis stage: Post Doctoral & Publishing

This is more than a testimonial; it is a declaration.

The DoctorateHub’ outstanding learnings are permanently ingrained in me. They form part of my spinal cord, brain, heart, nervous and circulatory systems. Consequently, the entrenched excellent learnings positively affect my daily thinking and behaviour beyond the academic realm. 

This extensive transformation process occurred gradually from November 2018 to July 2021 due to unrelenting coaching, mentoring and course work. The coursework included: 1. Wicked problem tackling. 2. Thesis writing up. 3. Viva preparation. 4. Virtual Residency. 5. Post Viva - Major modifications and 6. Numerous thesis- stage-based learning teleconferences. 

Whilst Dr Meiszner provided an estimated 80% of the academic ‘gymnastics’ instructions and discipline, Professor Gomišček provided an intense 20% that forcefully dragged out the ‘church-mouse’ silence element of my behaviour. Within their combined focus, there was no hiding spot for this learner. 

In all sincerity, perhaps I might have miraculously attained an empty ‘Doctor’ label in time. But most assuredly, I wouldn’t have achieved the doctoral level of thinking and behaviour that I have today without their excellent mentoring and coaching. 

I remain forever grateful.

Dr Bongi Mkhize

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