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Thesis Development

Research Mentoring

Team up for a smoother journey.
At your speed, covering your needs.

We offer research mentoring to guide and support you along the path of each of the research phases. Mentoring will allow you identify and establish critical milestones for your research project and then achieve those targets. Breaking down your research into clearly defined chunks enables you to control progress, to work towards clear goals, and to measure your achievements. With this, you and your mentor can assure that you are on the right pathway to achieve each of the milestones.

You can sign up for your research mentoring either on a monthly package or on-demand as you need it, depending on your pace and rhythm. For those who are on a self-study path, we provide the DoctorateHub Clubs for you to connect with your peers to jointly progress and support each other, and to get expert feedback from professional coaches as you need it.

Self-study Clubs with peer support and coaches

Do you prefer to obtain feedback on your latest drafts and develop your research further with peers? It takes time and practice to become a fluent researcher, develop the ability to establish a research focus and to derive a narrative from there. Wherever you are in this process, you might want to team up with peers to not feel as though you are walking alone. At the DoctorateHub Clubs you also can obtain expert feedback from professional coaches as you need it.

Monthly Research Mentoring Package

The monthly research mentoring package is optimal for those who work on their research at a constant pace and that value frequent double feedback loops.

Our mentors will allow you to discover and understand the different paths of the research cycle and locate you and your work within these. This is important and very different to supervision as it allows you to understand what is happening now and what is next. This will allow you to become aware of obstacles and to overcome them, reducing the risk of procrastination and drop out.

As an emerging expert, a doctoral researcher is expected to find their own voice, make their own decisions, be prepared to take risks, extend the conventions and eventually outgrow their supervisors. While you will have to learn these lessons yourself, your mentor will be there to allow you to understand what is normal and expected and what is not, and to ensure you stay on track.

You are welcome to submit your research plan for a free review and feedback here.

With a monthly research mentoring package, you can expect regular e-mail interactions, commenting on drafts, reviewing and editing drafts, as well as custom crafted instructions and training materials, which are supported by video calls as required. Monthly support consists of cycles of feedback on progressive iterations of your work. This will typically include a number of interactions per week to keep your research on track and progressing to plan.

On-demand Research Mentoring

The on-demand research mentoring is ideal for those that work through their research at a less than constant pace and rhythm. These students are typically working professionals who need to “make space” and “fit in” dedicated research blocks into their agendas.

On-demand research mentoring can be provided as written feedback on your drafts, as well as through targeted video-orientation calls to help you in your planning and decision-making on how to take your research further. This allows you to get feedback, guidance and direction on current developments and prepare for your next actions.

Each on-demand interaction has a fee of one Brain Coin (BC). Brain Coins are a currency used at the DoctorateHub to book on-demand services in a flexible way.

Select your preferred research mentoring format

Choose the research mentoring format that suits you best.

Select your preferred research mentoring package

Please select the research mentoring package that best fits your needs. The standard package includes 2 to 3 weekly interactions with your mentor, the Plus Package includes 3 to 5 weekly mentor interactions.

Use Brain Coins for on-demand support

Brain Coins (BCs) are a currency used at the DoctorateHub to pay for on-demand services in a flexible way. You can purchase BCs at a discount and use them across the system in the combination it suits you best. BCs are valid for 12 months after the first BC has been spent.


Self-study with peer support. We provide the structure, you focus on your thesis research.

Ideal for those who prefer to advance on their own schedule or who are on a budget.

  • - Dedicated Club spaces to connect around common interests, objectives or challenges.
  • - Community peer supported.
  • - Access to expert coaches to obtain feedback as you need it.

Duration: “As long as it takes you“

Learning at your own pace, in your own time.

No membership fee.

Monthly Support Package

Get a DoctorateHub mentor dedicated to your research and thesis development.

Ideal for those who prefer tight guidance to progress through their research and thesis development.

  • - Regular research mentoring.
  • - Formative written discussions, video-orientation calls and summative feedback on your work.
  • - Work over clearly defined chunks to control progress.

Start: “Whenever you want“

Three, six, or nine months Research Mentoring Packages available.

From 835€
per month.

Select Package

On-demand Support

Get On-demand Support to provide you with clarity and guidance.

Ideal for those who have unpredictable agendas, or that just need some orientation.

  • - Directly contributing to your thesis.
  • - Get written feedback, video-orientation calls, or a one-month research mentoring subscription.
  • - Use your Brain Coins as you need them for each service.

Duration: “As long as it takes you“

Learn at your own pace and request on-demand feedback on your thesis drafts, either written or via video-orientation calls.

125€ or less
per Brain Coin.

See options

Standard Package

3 Months

Good for:
Achieving your next milestone.

2-3 weekly coach interactions.

Average monthly fee: 985€

Fee: 2.955€

Intense Coach
Interaction Package

Duration like above but

3-5 weekly coach interactions.

Average monthly fee: 1.485€

Fee: 4.455€

Standard Package

6 Months

Good for:
Regular support.

2-3 weekly coach interactions.

Average monthly fee: 885€

Regular fee: 5.910€

Discounted fee 5.310€

- Saving 600€ -

Intense Coach
Interaction Package

Duration like above but

3-5 weekly coach interactions.

Average monthly fee: 1.335€

Regular fee: 8.910€

Discounted fee 8.010€

- Saving 600€ -

Standard Package

9 Months

Good for:
Long term planning.

2-3 weekly coach interactions.

Average monthly fee: 835€

Regular fee: 8.865€

Discounted fee 7.515€

- Saving 1.350€ -

Intense Coach
Interaction Package

Duration like above but

3-5 weekly coach interactions.

Average monthly fee: 1.260€

Regular fee: 13.365€

Discounted fee 11.340€

- Saving 2.025€ -

Schedule video-orientation call

Good for: One video-orientation call to discuss your research outline and to understand how to take your research further.

1 BC

Get written orientation feedback

Good for: One-time written feedback on drafts of around 2.500 words in length.

1 BC

Get one Research Mentoring month

Good for: One Research Mentoring month with written feedback and video-orientation calls.

12 BC

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What our Scholars say

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Bongi M.

Thesis stage: PostDoc & Continued Training

This is more than a testimonial; it is a declaration.

The DoctorateHub’ outstanding learnings are permanently ingrained in me. They form part of my spinal cord, brain, heart, nervous and circulatory systems. Consequently, the entrenched excellent learnings positively affect my daily thinking and behaviour beyond the academic realm. 

This extensive transformation process occurred gradually from November 2018 to July 2021 due to unrelenting coaching, mentoring and course work. The coursework included: 1. Wicked problem tackling. 2. Thesis writing up. 3. Viva preparation. 4. Virtual Residency. 5. Post Viva - Major modifications and 6. Numerous thesis- stage-based learning teleconferences. 

Whilst Dr Meiszner provided an estimated 80% of the academic ‘gymnastics’ instructions and discipline, Professor Gomišček provided an intense 20% that forcefully dragged out the ‘church-mouse’ silence element of my behaviour. Within their combined focus, there was no hiding spot for this learner. 

In all sincerity, perhaps I might have miraculously attained an empty ‘Doctor’ label in time. But most assuredly, I wouldn’t have achieved the doctoral level of thinking and behaviour that I have today without their excellent mentoring and coaching. 

I remain forever grateful.

Dr Bongi Mkhize

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