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Team up with peers to jointly achieve more.

Welcome to the DoctorateHub Clubs page. Our Clubs empower you to gather around a specific point in your journey or a common interest and achieve more as a group.

The clubs feature group sessions and discussion boards where you can engage with our globally-based doctoral supervisors and coaches, as well as connect with other like-minded peers.

Our club portfolio is available in the list below.

  • How it works

    There are three kinds of clubs:

    clubs, and
    Special interest
    clubs take you right from the start to the finish of your doctoral journey.
    clubs are intended for you to network with peers in your regional area, meet, and grow together.
    Special interest
    clubs are dedicated to the specific topics that you like to engage with. For example, they could be subject-specific or motivational clubs.

  • Club group sessions

    Club moderators determine the focus, number, frequency, and timing of their group sessions. The scheduled group sessions can be found in the club detail. In addition, club moderators can promote other DoctorateHub events that they believe will be of interest or related to their club.

  • Are clubs for free?

    Joining a club, attendance of open-door sessions, and participation in the discussion boards is completely free. For those that need tighter support, the clubs also feature Club Pro or Club Pro light journeys that provide regular written expert feedback and access to dedicated Club Pro group sessions.

  • How do Club Pro and Club Pro light journeys work?

    Club moderators can offer different jorneys within their clubs, which are labelled as Club Pro and Club Pro light journey. They will offer an upgrade to the basic club journey. For journey clubs this includes written expert feedback as well as access to dedicated Club Pro group sessions. The offerings of local and special interest clubs will vary. If the club has such an offering, the details and upgrade option can be found on the club detail page.

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