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Team up with peers to jointly achieve more.

Welcome to the DoctorateHub Clubs page. Our Clubs allow you to cluster around a joint interest and achieve more together. Be it to improve your skills, undertake further research, or advance new projects together.

Participate in discussions, organize collaborative works sessions and Learning Cafés, or share resources, events, and training courses within your Club.



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We have three support formats available

Our clubs come in three formats: free self-study peer-supported, fully supported by your dedicated coach, or with flexible on-demand feedback whenever you need it. Choose your study mode as you enrol in a club and have the flexibly to change it as your research progresses.

Select the Club package duration that suits you best

Select the club package duration that suits you best: 1 month, 3 months (7% off), or 12 months (17% off) periods. Or select our Club Journey package (24% off) that provides access to 3 virtual research training camps per year.

Use Brain Coins for on-demand support

Brain Coins (BCs) are a currency used at the DoctorateHub to pay for on-demand services in a flexible way. You can purchase BCs at a discount and use them across the system in the combination it suits you best. BCs are valid for 12 months after the first BC has been spent.


Self-study with peer support. We provide the structure, you focus on your thesis research or writing.

Ideal for those who prefer to advance on their own schedule or who are on a budget.

  • - Dedicated Club spaces to connect around common interests, objectives or challenges.
  • - Occasional group working sessions (courtesy to the club coaches)
  • - Free access to the Saturday Webinars and the Saturday’s coaching session.

Duration: “As long as it takes you“

Learning and write at your own pace, in your own time.

No membership fee.

Dedicated Coach

Get regular support through a dedicated Club coach.

Ideal for those who prefer tighter guidance to progress through their research and thesis development; or writing a conference paper or journal articles.

  • - Weekly group session(s).
  • - Monthly written feedback from a thesis supervisor/ coach.
  • - Access to one coaching session per week.

Start “Whenever you want“

- One month

- Three months, or

- Annual Club Journey Packages available.

125€ one month
349€ three months
1.245€ annually

Start Club Journey

On-demand Support

Get On-demand support to provide you with clarity and guidance.

Ideal for those who have unpredictable agendas, or that just need some orientation.

  • - Use your Brain Coins as you need them for each service.
  • - 1 Brain Coin per written feedback and 45 minutes video-orientation call.
  • - 1 Brain Coin for access to five (5) coaching sessions.

Duration: “As long as it takes you“

Learn at your own pace and request on-demand feedback on an assignment basis, either written or via video-orientation calls.

125€ or less
per Brain Coin

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One month


Three months

(7% off)


(17% off)

Schedule video-orientation call

Good for: One video-orientation call to discuss your research outline and to understand how to take your research further.

1 BC

One month experienced Club monitor support

Good for: One month support package with formative written discussions, video-orientation calls and summative feedback on your work.

1 BC

Get written orientation feedback

Good for: One-time written feedback on your research outline with written guidance on how to take your research further.

1 BC

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Club Journey annual package – initial promotion offer:
  • Access to up to 3 Clubs and their coached group sessions instead of just one.
  • Access to all weekly coaching sessions instead of just one.
  • Access to additional three virtual research training camps equalling 1.125€ regular attendance fee.
  • For just 1.995€ annual Club Package Plus fee (24% off).
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