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Our Programmes

We’ve got you covered from start-to-degree.

If there is one thing that we have learnt, then it is on how to allow students to get their research going from the very early days until graduation.

All our programmes provide you with a structured learning pathway through your doctoral journey with clearly defined control points three times a year.

The PhD Degree Programme

Our 3-years online PhD programme offers a structured learning pathway through the doctoral journey with clearly defined control points three times a year. Guidance and support are provided through advanced training courses, research-specific individual mentoring, and study clubs that foster self-directed development with feedback as needed.

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The Master in Research / Philosophy Programme

The Master of Research / Philosophy programme is a 12-month online programme, divided into three four-month blocks, and uses a Critical Action Learning approach in which small study groups work on their concrete and well-articulated research problem. The Programme will allow you to gain knowledge and research skills about suitable research methods within the problem domain of your research and how these are applied, as well as what the current state of the art is.

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The Research Project Preparation Programme

This programme allows you to prepare or refine your Doctoral Research Project over the course of 4 months and to present it to an international academic scientific committee.

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