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Dr. Andreas Meiszner

The Thesis Proposal – initial Compilation and subsequent Execution

Wednesday, 4th December 2019 • Online

18:00 GMT • 18:00 UK time

Duration: 1h

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The thesis proposal is the starting point of your research, and it is also a living document that will accompany you alongside your doctoral research journey. For some programs the thesis proposal is the entry chip, and upon enrolment in the doctoral program it will be the initial focus to compile an operational thesis proposal to be approved by the supervisors and getting ethical clearance to be subsequently carried out. But there is more to it, the thesis proposal is very likely outdated the moment you hand it in for approval and clearance. And the reason for this is that you continue building up knowledge about the research problem through. You continue to consult the literature, you will be making further observations of the research problem, you will talk with stakeholder about the research problem, and with this collect, intentionally or accidentally, more and more data and information that are going to shape your problem understanding and the various boundaries of your research problem and focus. Limiting yourself to the initial set of literature, research methods, research questions, stakeholders to be engaged with, or artefacts to be looked at, does not seem to be a sensible option, once your problem understanding advances. And therefore, the initial research proposal will mature and change together with your research and eventually converge into your draft thesis.

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We will start at 6pm UK time(GMT) sharp, so please log in a few minutes before in readiness.

Key Take-Aways

In this webinar we will be looking into this conversion process so to understand the critical elements of your initial thesis proposal, the existing knowledge to be leveraged into it, and how to assure that the thesis proposal is actionable and frontward compatible so to eventually converge into your draft thesis.

Dr. Andreas Meiszner

Since 2012, I have tutored, mentored and coached beyond 500 professional doctoral students (mid to seniors, aged 35 to 70) both with the University of Liverpool Management School’s Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program (UK), and since 2016 also with DoctorateHub. This allowed me to understand how to tackle problems at scale, be it the tame, the complex, or the wicked.

500+ students also implies 500+ workplace-based problems which I had the chance to look at. And while working with such an array of problems allows for quite some learningit also has shown to me that very often it is quite exhaustive for such grown up and seasoned research novices. In response to this, we thus decided to set up the DoctorateHub, so to provide training, mentoring, and coaching services to all those that struggle to get their workplace-based issues identified, analysed, understood, written up in a thesis, and ultimately resolved. 

I am also one of the DoctorateHub’s Co-founders with a particular focus on strategic development and building up of the various DoctorateHub support services that we provide. 

With this I am looking forward to work with you, wherever you are in your doctoral research journey.

Research methods and tools
Data collection techniques
Doctoral journey

This webinar is relevant to the following journey stage(s).

Initial Research Outline and Issue Identification
Research Problem and Question Framing
Thesis Research Proposal
Get Familiar with Research Specific Subjects
Obtain Ethical Clearance
Initial Research Plan
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Thesis stage: Research execution: Data collection and analysis

Learning from people from different parts of the world is exhilarating. May there be more of this kind of endeavor in the future.


Eneire O.

Thesis stage: Research planning: Getting ready for data collection

I have just signed up to this hub and it has been insightful. It was quite daunting at first and I’m thinking if do-able. But with me in this platform I can foresee a clearer future. Thanks to the organisers.

Danai Z.

Thesis stage: Post Doctoral & Publishing

As a postgraduate supervisor, who is already a Ph.D. holder, I was delighted to find a resource that I can continue to develop from. I will continue to share information about DoctorateHub with my students and peers. Thank you.


Amale E.

Thesis stage: Thesis research proposal development

I felt way better after the session especially that I got to talk to other PhD candidates that are struggling like me. I felt hope because my advisor never answers so I felt like I could have some guidance here.



Thesis stage: Research planning: Getting ready for data collection

Excellent free service, attracting outstanding international speakers, and connecting on a global level.

The Thesis Proposal – initial Compilation and subsequent Execution

Wednesday, 4th December 2019

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