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Your doctoral journey
is our mission.

In 9 modules through your doctorate. Start to end.

  • Candidate Experience

    We personalize the doctorate journey so you know what to expect every step of the way and can incorporate the programme into your day-to-day life. From coursework, lectures, to meetings, you can participate from wherever you are physically based without compromising the rich personal interactions that are so vital to learning.

  • Value

    We offer experienced academics distinguished in their fields, and a curriculum optimized for virtual learning so you can avoid the costs and drawbacks of self-directed programmes often associated with traditional institutions.

  • Thoughtful Academic Mentoring

    We recruit world-class academics who have a genuine interest in their students and a successful track record of mentoring DBA and PHD candidates. You will be matched with an academic team who will provide hands-on coaching from start to finish, and with whom you will establish personal connections.

  • Compatibility

    Our programmes are designed for working professionals. The schedule and courseware enable you to participate while employed full-time as the DoctorateHub applied learning approach allows for combining work with research.


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