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Scholarships are available to DoctorateHub students that reduce the cost of the program. Amounts and availability vary by year based on external funding received by DoctorateHub to support our programs.

Global Mindset Scholarship

In the spirit of helping our students develop a global mindset, we seek to have students from all areas of the globe. We welcome students worldwide, though we hope to attract more students from certain regions including South and North America, Southeast Asia, the Baltics, Africa, and the Middle East.

Developed Research Topic Scholarship

While students are not expected to arrive at DoctorateHub with a fully-developed dissertation research proposal, we seek to support students who arrive with well-developed research proposals. While such a student will progress alongside the rest of the cohort in further refining the proposal, we expect such forethought to be a benefit to the greater student population.

Future of Business Scholarship

We seek to have students address research topics that are important to the future of business. As such, we will assess applications with regard to the potential impact the intended research might have on business practice and/or on the body of knowledge in the discipline of choice.

Policy Impact Scholarship

While a basic criterion for a research topic is that it focuses on an unaddressed area of the body of knowledge, certain topics will have the potential to have policy-level impact. This scholarship is likely to be awarded to students after their first year and can be awarded more than one time.

Interdisciplinary Research Scholarship

We welcome students who will cross disciplinary boundaries to address interesting interdisciplinary topics. Many of the most interesting research topics exist at the intersection of disciplinary boundaries (e.g., managerial biases in making financial decisions). We seek both discipline-specific students and those interested in these interdisciplinary areas. Nevertheless, scholarships might be available based on our assessment of a student’s topic.

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