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DoctorateHub | 2021

Training camp

DBA Research Execution 2017 intense Residency, Liverpool, UK

Training Camp

DBA Research Execution 2017 intense Residency, Liverpool, UK

Location: Liverpool, United Kingdom
Start date: Monday, 26 June 2017

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Start date

Monday, 26 June 2017

Finish date

Thursday, 29 June 2017


Liverpool, United Kingdom

Attendance Fee *


* The cost covers all sessions, venue and food/beverages during the five days. Costs of travel, accommodation and evening meals are additional. All invoices must be paid in full prior to the residency.

Crowd funding

Training Camp Overview

This five-day intensive residency will allow you to ensure your DBA research is on track and executed as planned. The intensive residency has a clear hands-on focus and participants are expected to make significant advances on their thesis research.

To achieve this it is imperative for participants to have already identified their workplace-based problem or issue that they are, or going to, approach as part of their doctoral research. Participants can expect tailored advice and support on the development of their research project and pathway/s towards its successful execution. Participants will also have the chance to learn from the research projects of their peers. Participants will be provided with one-on-one meeting opportunities with the residency team to maximise individual feedback and guidance.


Start Item

Day One

8.30am Introduction– overview the Residency and Outline of Day 1

9.00am Self-introductions– who am I and what are my expectations from this residency?

10.00am Morning tea

10.30am Re-examining the Research Problem: is it the start or end point of your journey?

12.45pm Lunch

1.30pm Evaluating consistency between your Research Problem, Research Questions, Research Methods, and the actual research undertaken so far

3.00pm Afternoon tea

3.20pm Evaluating consistency between your Research Problem, Research Questions, Research Methods, and the actual research undertaken so far

5.00pm Close of Day 1

6.30pm Dinner and networking

Day Two

8.30am Review of Day 1 and Overview of Day 2

9.00am My Research Method and Methodology– how to assure credibility and correct application

10.00am Morning Tea

10.20am My Research Method and Methodology– how to assure credibility and correct application

12.30pm Lunch

1.15pm Defending your Research Methods and Methodologies– hands-on activity

3.00pm Afternoon Tea

3.20pm My Literature Review– is it critical? And if not, how to turn it round?

5.00pm Close of Day 2

6.30pm Dinner and Networking

Day Three

8.30am Review of Day 2 and Overview of Day 3

8.45am Practice-based Research and Action Research

10.00am Morning Tea

10.50am What is Actionable Knowledge and why it has nothing to do with"having a solution at hand"

12.30pm Lunch

1.15pm Data Collection and Presentation of Findings

3.00pm Afternoon Tea

3.20pm Data Interpretation/Analysis

5.00pm Close of Day 3

6.30pm Joint Cooking– participants are asked to prepare a dish from their cultural background.

Day Four

8.30am Review of Day 3 and Overview of Day 4

8.45am Presenting your Research: Is my Thesis Structure up to the standards? And if not, how do I get it there?

10.00am Morning tea

10.15am Presenting your Research: is my Thesis Structure up to the standards? And if not, how do I get it there?

12.30pm Lunch

1.15pm The Viva Voce Examination

3.20pm Day 5 preparation(depending on the stage in the thesis journey: Mock-Viva, Actionable Research Plan, Thesis Structure, or Poster Presentation)

5.00pm Close of Day 4

6.30pm Dinner and Networking

Day Five

8.30am Review of Day 4 and Overview of Day 5

8.45am Mock-Viva; Actionable Research Plan, Thesis Structure or Poster presentation

10.00am Morning Tea

10.15am Mock-Viva; Actionable Research Plan, Thesis Structure or Poster presentation

12.30pm Lunch

1.15pm Mock-Viva; Actionable Research Plan, Thesis Structure or Poster presentation

3.00pm Afternoon Tea

3.20pm Mock-Viva; Actionable Research Plan, Thesis Structure or Poster presentation

4.00pm Reflection on Residency Topics

4.30pm Review Key Residency Takeaways

5.00pm Close of Residency

6.30pm Dinner and Networking


Jacqueline takes the approach of learning together where the art of conversation is but one vital learning tool. With online and virtual meetings increasing throughout these unusual times, group discussions help disseminate knowledge through shared experience and pragmatic dialogue; as well as checking in that we are each OK. To quote Randolph Bourne: 'A good discussion increases the dimensions of everyone who takes part.'

With over 30 years in the private, public and academic sectors, Jacqueline combines academic endeavours with practice. She has covering strategy development through to operational delivery, compliance and regulation, seeking to apply her learnings in each organisation she’s worked in or on, across volunteering, academia and Board roles. In combining academia with depth of practical application, Jacqueline has drawn on her various qualifications to enhance her experience and improve her business document and report writing to Board level and publishing.

Jacqueline is currently completing her Doctorate of Business Administration based on an action learning approach as part of her ongoing scholar-practitioner learning. She has published in peer-reviewed journals, presented conference papers, and provided peer reviews for both; along with being a co-chair for the strategy track of the Strategy Special Interest Group at the British Academy of Management. Jacqueline is currently combining her strategy to operations delivery consulting with teaching undergraduate and masters subjects at various universities, as well as recently developing and delivering a case-study masters level subject.

Ana has been joining the DoctorateHub at the very early stage back in 2017 and is heading the DoctorateHub office.

Ana holds a PhD from the Engineering and Innovation Department at the Faculty of Mathematics, Computing and Technology, The Open University UK, that has been awarded for her thesis on “The role of behaviour in the transition to more energy efficient use at home”. Her research combined positivist and constructivist paradigms, so to allow for both: statistically analyse the data, whilst also allowing for an exploration of the complex set of variables that influence human behaviour. With this her research used a mixed, multi-method research methodology, using both quantitative and qualitative research procedures. Quantitative research aimed to gain insight and identify issues for the subsequent qualitative phases of the empirical work, while the qualitative research aims to explore attitudes, behaviour and experiences through such methods as interviews or focus groups.

In addition to this Ana received a degree in Economics from the Universidade do Minho (PT), a degree in International Management from the RSM Erasmus University (NL), and a Master in Business Administration in International Industrial Management from the Esslingen University of Applied Science (DE), a MBA program that had been developed to cater the needs of international senior staff from local enterprises such Behr, Bosch, Daimler, Festo, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Kärcher, Porsche or Siemens.

Ana has over a decade work experience as a Project Manager, Business Developer and Management Controller in the field of the Rational Use of Energy, Sustainability, and Smart Cities. Ana has been responsible for the coordination and management of European Funds, or the development of strategic action plans for local municipalities, such as the SEAP (Strategic Action Plan) under the Covenant of Mayors Initiative. As a member of the Finance Group of the European initiative Smart Cities Stakeholder Platform she also improved her experience in the identification, adaptation and implementation of alternative financing models and sustainability models related to smart cities.

Since 2012, I have tutored, mentored and coached beyond 500 professional doctoral students (mid to seniors, aged 35 to 70) both with the University of Liverpool Management School’s Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program (UK), and since 2016 also with DoctorateHub. This allowed me to understand how to tackle problems at scale, be it the tame, the complex, or the wicked.

500+ students also implies 500+ workplace-based problems which I had the chance to look at. And while working with such an array of problems allows for quite some learningit also has shown to me that very often it is quite exhaustive for such grown up and seasoned research novices. In response to this, we thus decided to set up the DoctorateHub, so to provide training, mentoring, and coaching services to all those that struggle to get their workplace-based issues identified, analysed, understood, written up in a thesis, and ultimately resolved. 

I am also one of the DoctorateHub’s Co-founders with a particular focus on strategic development and building up of the various DoctorateHub support services that we provide. 

With this I am looking forward to work with you, wherever you are in your doctoral research journey.

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